The love between an Aunt and Niece

The love between an Aunt and Niece is Forever

Nieces bring happiness and joy
They are so different than a boy
They are full of love and surprises too
They make life special, not blue.

Advice for my Niece:
Believe in yourself
Do your best
Never give up
Help others
Smile often
and share your love.

Being a sister is
an honor, Being an
aunt is priceless,

My aunt has ears
that listen, arms that
hug and hold, a love
that’s never-ending,
and a heart that’s
made of gold.

Only an aunt can
give hugs like a mother,
keep secrets like a
sister, and share love
like a friend.

Aunts are the ones
that stand beside
Moms when nieces
and nephews enter
the world,
– Karen Moore

To my
Special Niece!
A Niece is very special!
She’s the child
of someone dear,
She’s the person
I can spoil
whether far or near.
As years pass by I hope
you know how much
you mean to me,
and as you make your
way in life,
with you, I will always be.

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