People that we love are the ones who leave scars on our heart

Not one scar on my heart came from an enemy; they all came from people who ‘’love’’ me.

It’s quite funny how the people we hold dear to our hearts are the only ones who give us those unforgettable scars that might haunt us for the rest of our lives.

One thing life has taught me is never to love too hard or allow people to hurt me; I knew I would never be vulnerable again.

Betrayals always come from people we love and most times we should brace up to counter whatever life throws at us.

When lie gives you lemon make lemonades out of it; it will never be perfect unless you turn over the situation in your life into a remarkable turn towards greatness to you.

I have a lot of stories to tell and I’m happy they made me stronger and resilient. Experiences are always there to help us be better and pave our way to success.

My life hasn’t been perfect‚ but they helped me build a perfect moment. My scars made me look for beautiful clothe to cover them; I searched for happiness and created it myself.

I started writing to cover my scars; it was beautiful clothing and it reminded me how great I was each day of my life.

I am one of the authors with bestselling books; and all these wouldn’t have been achieved without my scars. I stepped on my pains and scars; it was my staircase to greatness.

Everyone who we come across in our life has a role to play in our lives; whether positive or negative they helped us in writing the story of our lives.

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