To My Family and Friends

Family life can be challenging sometimes, but the truth is that we care about each other a lot. That’s why we always need to understand that we are not alone and we need to be together for one another. You must show your appreciation and support to one another if possible. It will surely bring… Read More »

To My Mother In HEAVEN

My mom is forever in my heart. I can’t believe it is already eight years that you left, and it feels like yesterday. With time, I thought the pains would subdue, but you always cross my heart each second of my life. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. If I… Read More »

To my son

To my son, I can’t promise you forever or heaven and earth, but I can promise to love you forever. I never believed in cloning or ever going to meet a younger version of me, but in you, I was surprised something like that existed. A letter to my son You have shown me love… Read More »

Miracle Prayers For JUNE

●May God put an End to the Coronavirus this month ● May your Health improve. ● May your Finances Multiply. ● May your worries Disappear. ● May your pain Be Less. ● May your plans works. ● May you Live Long. ● May the next few month of 2020 bring Healings, Blessings and Miracles. Related… Read More »

God will always see us through hard times

Not every day is bright and sunny; some days are rainy and cloudy, that you can’t see the possibility of sunlight coming out soon. The situations in our life can be sunny and cloudy at times. These two different kinds of weather were all created by God for a purpose; the sunlight to keep us… Read More »

I will always miss you until I join you

Someone asked me if I still grieve my loved ones who have passed away? My reply was simple, yes! I will always continue grieving over them until I take my last breath too. I miss hem so much and feel so incomplete without them. You can never understand the plight of losing your best friend… Read More »

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I Always need my daughter

Some people regard the female sex as the born of weakness and a burden. In the past, women are said to be the weakest creatures. They were tagged as mere objects of bearing children, taking care of the home, and take the kitchen as their duty post. They weren’t sent to school either are they… Read More »

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

When tomorrow starts without me; I have often wondered who will find out first that I am gone. How will my friends feel, people I have created a space for myself in their hearts? Death is sure an inevitable end. No one knows when it will come or how it will come. I live each… Read More »

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If my body was a car

My grandma once said if there were anything she ever wished for, it would be old and still feel alive. Old age comes with a lot of health issues and shortcomings. Some people experience a stroke, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases. My grandma will always compare her health to an old car; she said, ‘every… Read More »

I miss you so much

Growing up without you by my side has been the most challenging task of my life. You have become the most significant part of my life, as all my actions always revolve around you. It has been years you left, but it still feels like yesterday. Death is an inevitable end; I know better now.… Read More »

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