No one changes unless they want to

No one changes unless they want to; even if you beg them‚ reason with them‚ reason or show them love‚ at the end of the day they chose what they want.

Many times‚ in my previous relationships I have always thought I’m the one that’s at fault and I’m the one with the toxic trait.

I always felt I am always the one at fault for the changes between us; realization hit me late though when I found out that people only change because they want to.

My first ex was the best human I ever met; I was willing to tie the knots with him if ever asked. I loved him with everything in me and I loved how things were between us we were the perfect couple; I couldn’t ask God for me.

Few months into our relationship; distance and less communication started creeping in slowly between us. At first, I thought it was just me reacting not until it became obvious our relationship was falling apart.

We always talked lengthily whenever we are on a call‚ but these days it always looked like I was boring him with my numerous calls.

I thought I was just being clingy and needed to work on myself and unnecessarily overthinking.

It was a few months after I found out the guy I loved has changed totally from what I knew; he moved from womanizing‚ smoking and partying late.

I thought I was a bad woman and pushed him too hard as that was how he made me feel; not until I realized people change not because of you; they did it because they wanted to; I moved on.

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  1. You are so right! It always seem good I’m the beginning but after some years things seem to change. That’s why I have to keep growing and moving and breathing and praying.

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