Never lie to someone you love

If you want a long-term relationship; follow one simple rule ‘’Never lie!’’.

One of the greatest turn off in a relationship is dishonesty.

It can be insulting when we tend to lie to people we love or hold dear to our hearts.

Lies break trusts and most times it can never be rebuilt. Lies break trusts and most times these relationships never get back to how it was before.

I ended my relationship of five years because it was built on lies. She was the only friend I ever had and along the way she hurt me where it hurt most; she has been lying to me all along.

At first, we were the closest friends and I loved how our friendship was; I don’t know if I liked her because of the pitiful stories she told me or was it just the chemistry between us.

I took her as my sister and my parents knew how close we were too; my fiancé knew her too and our story was the cutest thing you could ever read.

We were just perfect‚ but not for long; found out she wasn’t really who she projected herself as.

She made me believe she was an orphan and my parents took it upon themselves to pay our tuition throughout college.

When I knew her parents were doing perfectly fine; I didn’t know exactly what to do‚ to be happy they weren’t dead after all or to be angry because she lied to me.

Our friendship turned sour after then; she said her parents weren’t financially buoyant to foot her bills; that’s why she said they were dead.

Well‚ we are still friends but no best of friends. I didn’t see the need to trust her ever again; after she kept on lying to e for five years.

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  1. I was raised Not to lie cheat R steal N have done my best to be A honest person N GIVE to those who are in need! But for the last 3 years I have lost my family N my husband was murdered by someone who was on drugs N my home has been BROKEN N TO 3 time’s this last time was the worst Not only it tore apart everthang I had to eat was stolen N I just got a small amount of food N they have takeN it !! So if that’s what I call STUPID then I will starve Kause no one KARES any more!!! Selfishness N GREEDY people’s who want work N if they R their buyN drugs N being drug rounds!

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