Dear God l pray that You never take Your hands off me

Dear God, l pray
that You never take
Your hands off me
and my family,

Stop worrying.
God has a special plan
for you. You’ll receive
your blessing before
Christmas. You have
been through enough
and a breakthrough is
on the way. Get Ready.

Have you ever considered that God
has fallen in love with you..?
He sends you flowers evrey spring.
He sends you sunshine every morning.
Whenever you want to talk, He listens
to you. He can live anywhere in the
universe but He choos you, your heart.
God didn’t promise days with out pain,
Laughter without sorrow, Sun without
Rain, but He did promise strength
for the day, Comfort for the tears
and light for the way.. Amen

If you are reading
this, may God
move your pain,
worries and
problems, and
replace them with
health, happiness
and peace.

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